99-04 Miata Fiberglass Air Dam   $275.00

99 airdam

Plastic Air DamMVC-008S

We had several clients asking about a flat air dam for NASA events. Here it is!  Bottom is re-enforced with Aluminum Strip.


It will have rivets for attachment to body, the aluminum strip and marked on the backside. You will get the strip  1″X1/8″ from hardware store.

 How we mount our air dams: At first we bolted it to the bumper but quickly learned that if you go off track you do a lot of damage to the front of the car so we had to come up with a better way.  Mike has designed a weld to the frame T-Bracket for mounting the air dams. You can also use the Strut Support Bracket to help support the front of the early air dam. We have now started drill and tap holes in the chassis to mount the supports.

MiataWeldBracket MiataWeldBracket1SupportBracketInstall

2nd Gen Splitter  $275.00

2nd splitter kit

2nd splitter

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