Drive Train



Aluminum Brake Ducts0miatabrakeducts

Blows air into the middle so it comes out
thru the vanes of the brake rotor

We have 2.5″ flexible hose $6.50 

Will work on 90-93 Miata without ABS.
Cars that have ABS or any car after 94MVC-012S
will need the Sensor Mount REMOVED.
We use a Sawall and grind (see  picture).



We offer rebuilt differential for an outright price or send
us your core to have it rebuilt. Please call for prices for
outright differential. Tear down, inspection, and assembly.


Transmission Rebuild        

(includes seals and syncros but not hard parts)

We also have Rebuilt Transmissions that we sell outright. Please call for price.

Stainless Steel Clutch Line clutchline

Goes from firewall to clutch cylinder.   $35.00

To place an order please call 863-324-4539 or email your name, address and phone number to We will call with a total and for payment information.  Thank you.