Suspension Old


We made these to eliminate the bottom of the shocks on the rear of Miatas.  We have raised the mounting point of the shock to compensate for lowering the car.  The inside of the mount is hollow so that the shock will go into it.  You can use a 3/4 bump stop inside, but we have used these in our rentals for 2 years without bump stop and have had no problems.  We DO NOT use a bearing on the top.  The shock does not have a lot of angle changes as it changes the ride height, the springs do that.  Since most people take out the original mounts, there is a difference of about 3/4 inch that will drop the car.


We now make them in 1″ for the front and 1-1/2″ for the rear

$41 each

We will make these to a custom height for $45.00/ea*



We recommend you use the Bilstein if you are on a budget.  They are very good shocks but are not adjustable.  We have them in stock.

We sell the JRZ for adjustable shocks.  We have used these for 8 years and have had no problems with leaking nitrogen gas or oil.  The ones that are on my ITS Miata have been on there for 2 seasons and we have never needed to adjust the nitrogen pressure.  These are rebuildable shocks.

JRZ Double Adjustable Shock $862.50/shock
JRZ Double Adjustable Shock
JRZ Single Adjustable Shock $525.00/shock
JRZ Single Adjustable Shock


The SM springs (700# front & 325# rear) will work on IT cars.  We are currently using 800# in the front and rear of our rentals.  In my opinion, they handle better with the stiffer springs.  We use Suspension Spring Specialists springs and they are

$55.00 each.


coilover kit

We have coilovers for Bilstien shocks and many other shocks. $44.50 each


We have Delrin Bushings for all the upper control arm and the rear lower control arm including offset bushings to increase/decrease camber.  We have Delrin bushings for the other arms you can install.  We do not believe in Delrin for the lower control arms.  When you adjust the eccentrics for toe (rear) or for caster (front) the suspension bolts do not align up, that is why we install a spherical bearing inthe inner end.  This allows the suspension bolts to move the way they want to.  We must install this bearings, I have included the price for ready to go lower control arms.  You can send me your control arms and we can install them in your arms.

We can install spherical bearings (2) in your lower arms for $95/arm.

You could buy the Delrin bushings and install them yourself.

8 Customer arms (Install bushings & bearings)                      $750.00/set

8 Customer arms (Install bushings,bearings,blast & paint) $850.00/set

8 Arms outright painted black                                     (Early) $1065.00/set

(99 up) $1215.00/set

We have replacement arms and can repair old arms.

frcontrol upperCA

Offset Control Arm Bushings
           Front $49.00/per arm (1 side)
           Rear $59.00/per arm (1 side)
These bushings when installed at their maximum offset will increase your camber by 1 1/2 degrees. We install them in the front upper control arms
because there is less force trying to rotate them and we gain fender clearance. Grease fittings are included, which lock the bushings in place. img30035656