ITA Oil Cooler Instructions

Miata remote oil filter and cooler kit

 1.    Remove intake brace, it will interfere with the hoses unless it is modified to allow for hose clearance.  We can supply a modified brace for $35 as pictured below cooler-brace
 2.   Remove the oil filter and install the hose adapter, be sure to remove the old o-ring and lightly oil the new o-ring. If you have an 1800 with the stock oil cooler, you can put the hose adapter on or you can take the stock oil cooler off. You will have to remove the threaded part from the block and cut it to 1.75 inches long then install.  cooler nipple cooler engine
 3.    Attach the mounting bracket to the oil cooler also mount the RED hose on the top of the cooler and the short on the bottom.  Using a drill, enlarge hole in the radiator support for the mount bolt. Going from the bottom, put the cooler in place and tighten bolt.  cooler drill cooler mount
 4.  Remove the under tray, remove the bolts from the passenger side toe hook.  Using tin snips, cut out the corner of the plastic air diverter to provide a path for the hose from the oil cooler to the filter adapter.
 5.  Install the filter adapter mounting plate between the body and the toe hook using the stock bolts. cooler filter
 6.  Cut the hose from the oil cooler to length, lightly lube with WD40 and push over barb fitting, secure with hose clamp provided.
 7.  Install hose from filter adapter to motor using color code.  We are able to run hosed in our sway bar mounts. Install hose from oil cooler to motor.  oilcoolerkit
 8. Check all connections, add one quart of oil to compensate for additional capacity, pull connection off crank angle sensor to prevent motor from starting. Turn motor over until oil pressure is observed, check for leaks, re-connect crank angle sensor, start motor, CHECK for leaks.
 9,  If no oil pressure re-check all color coded hoses to make sure they are connected as marked.   ###### DO NOT USE A STOCK MIATA OIL FILTER ##########

** We recommend using Napa Gold 1348, Wix 51348, Wix 55148 or any Chevy 4 cylinder filter. ##