Front Sway bar installation
Remove the radiator, the undertray and the radiator mounts.

Remove the bolts that goes thru the stock mount.  You should
be able to drill the spot welds that hold the stock mount to the

Put the new brackets in place with the same bolts.  We highly
recommend you tack weld the brackets as shown in picture.

Bolt the radiator brackets back on.
99 => Miata    The left radiator bracket is the way of the sway bar bracket.
                         Here is a picture of the way we modify it to work or you
                         can make a new radiator bracket.
We weld a plate into the stock bracket.
Then cut off the back part.
Install the pillow blocks to the mount using the third hole
from the front.
When the sway bar is off  the car, we mark the ends to
make it easier to line up the arms.
Before you tighten the blocks down, put the sway bar in,
then tighten down.
Install the spacer blocks and the arms.
Install the links in the 2 holes from the bar.
On 99 arms, the link can go on either side of the tab.
Be sure to use the supplied spacers to keep the
rod ends from hitting the bar.
The links should be adjusted with the car on the ground
and the driver in the seat.
Rear Sway Bar installation
We have urethane bushing to be used the SM
bars on our mounts.
Mount the mounting plate on the rear sub-frame with the
hole to the outside.  You will now need to drill the hole
thru the sub-frame (5/8 inch).  Install the rod end into
the hole and tight the rear nut even with the end of the
rod end.
Install the sway bar, the end spacers and the arms.
Install the sway bar links using the spacers.  We
recommend you used the outter hole.
DO NOT forget that the links should be adjusted
with car on the ground and with driver.  This why
we use the links that can be adjusting when it hooked