The Traqmate Complete system steps up the data acquisition game with an ergonomically designed display unit that allows in-car configuration of your data collection sessions and real-time laptimes. The display unit doubles as a data storage device powered by your PCs USB port.
- Traqmate GPS Sensor Unit
- Traqmate Display Unit w/ backlight
- Traqview Analysis Software for Windows TM
- Magnetic mount GPS antenna
- Velcro for mounting SU and DU
- USB cable (DU to PC)
- DIN extension cable - 15ft (SU to DU)
- Cigarette lighter DC power cable

Traqdata Analog/Digital/RPM Input
TraqData allows you to hook up 4 analogs operating on 5, 10, or 20 volt ranges, 2 digitals, and a tach signal input to your Traqmate. This device will work with vehicles using a traditional coil or having a 12V ECU signal, 12V Fuel injector pulse, or 12V Coil-on-plug firing signal. It will also work with a 5V ECU or Tach signal.

All sensors purchased separately.

For electronic ignition systems (5V or 12V signals), order the Electronic ignition version. To connect to the negative side of an ignition coil, order the Coil Version.
Ultra Shield Seat & Seat Cover
2" SCCA Approved Tow Strap
                  Easy to bolt on.
     KOOLMAT insulation
            for the tunnel
Keeps heat down for your leg
      $35.95 (12"X31")